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“Retainer Tips,” by Edgar Berre, Jr., DDS

5 Mar

After braces are removed, retainers often are used as a less obtrusive way to maintain alignment in teeth. Though retainers generally are to be used for 20 hours every day immediately following the removal of braces, that time will be lessened gradually until the retainer only needs to be worn at night.

In addition to wearing their retainers for the prescribed time, patients have to take care of their retainers. Here are some tips for maintaining and cleaning your retainer:

Brush it: Just as food can get in between your teeth, it can get lodged into the retainer. Brush your retainer after every meal.

Disinfect it: Use denture cleanser once a week to soak your retainer.

Keep it safe: Retainers are susceptible to loss and damage, so do not play sports while wearing your retainer and do not put it within reach of household pets.

About the Author

Edgar Berre, Jr., DDS, operates his own practice dedicated to orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics at two offices in Cincinnati. He has served as a consultant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and was an Assistant Professor at University of Kentucky.


Edgar Berre Jr., DDS: the Early History of Orthodontics

21 Feb

Edgar Berre Jr., DDS, is an orthodontist who has worked in private practice in Cincinnati, Ohio, for over 25 years. Dr. Berre earned his Master of Dental Science and Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of Pittsburgh and his DDS from The Ohio State University. Currently, he teaches courses on orthodontics at the University of Kentucky.

Orthodontists are dental professionals who specialize in treating improper teeth positioning. Even in early civilizations like ancient Egypt and Greece, despite low technology and primitive practices, people sought to straighten their teeth using metal bands and other tools. From the early 1700s through the mid-1800s, dental professionals such as Pierre Fauchard and Etienne Bourdet published works addressing techniques for correcting teeth positioning, despite inadequate methods.

In 1880, the field took significant steps forward through the work of Norman Kingsley and J.N. Farrar, who each wrote extensively on orthodontics and developed early braces technology to move teeth slowly over time. The first school of orthodontics began in 1901, and advances continued over the next 100 years, including the use of rubber bands and x-rays. Orthodontics is now a fully recognized professional field with significant training and technology available for patient application.

Edgar Berre Jr DDS’ blog

22 Mar

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